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Welcome to The Mule™!
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The Mule™
is an ergonomic hand truck that can transport and lift up to 350 pounds. The standard model is equipped with a steel reinforced platform measuring 18 inches by 18 inches. The Mule’s electronically controlled screw drive column lifts objects from 3½  inches up to 72 inches and is powered by a 12 volt DC, 15 amp-hour rechargeable ACM battery. The battery can be recharged through any common 110 Volt AC outlet – adapter included with every Mule. The rear wheels have locking disc brakes which allow you to secure the unit into place while loading and unloading material. The unit’s ability to safely fold allows for easy transportation via a car or delivery truck.


The versatility of the Mule™ can assist you throughout your facility (office, warehouse, lab, production line, etc.) and can be adapted to perform a multitude of tasks such as loading water coolers and moving file boxes, all the way up to tough manufacturing tasks like changing packaging rolls and moving raw materials and rolls. The Mule™ is designed to replace manual lifting tasks while maintaining a good ergonomic position. The Mule™ reduces the manpower required to move heavy items and the physical strain and injuries caused by manual lifting. Whatever your business, whatever the application, the Mule™ is ready to work!